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Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia

Counselling does not offer magical solutions.

Often what you expect from a counsellor is advice about the issue that concerns you. What you’ll usually experience from a counsellor is attention.

They’ll listen to your story and they’ll notice
what’s important about it to you.
They’ll notice what you emphasize and what you
miss out, what you value and what you dismiss.
And they’ll invite you to notice it too.

Through your sharing together you will gain much more information about your situation, and learn more about what you’re feeling and what you’re reacting to.

Drawing on various theories and experience your counsellor will support you to unravel the issue, and work towards a resolution that fits with your values, beliefs, and hopes.

Counselling can involve major transformations as well as smaller significant changes in your life, but not always.

Because we are all unique human beings and
all have different perceptions and expectations
of what we are looking for, the outcomes of counselling
can vary as widely as the individual expectations
of those who seek counselling.

Whilst a counsellor cannot guarantee any particular result from the counselling process, they will work with you to achieve the best result possible.
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